Classroom Debates

Classroom Debates



The classroom debates are exercises designed to allow you to strengthen your skills in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, group problem solving, and oral presentation.

Debate Format

2 minute Position Presentation – Pro

2 minute Position Presentation – Con

3 minute Work Period

1,5 minute Rebuttal – Pro

1,5 minute Rebuttal – Con

3 minute Work Period

1,5 minute Response – Pro

1,5 minute Response – Con

1 minute Work Period

2 minute Position Summary – Pro or Con

2 minute Position Summary – Pro or Con

2 minute Tallying of Ballots/Announcement of Winner


 Debate Procedure

The debate will take the form of timed individual and/or group presentations and responses separated by timed group work periods. The rules applied may deviate from the formal rules of debating. When questions arise, the judgment of the instructor will provide the definitive ruling.

Speakers must stop immediately when the allocated time runs out. Team members are prohibited from speaking to the audience or opposing team except at the times specifically allocated to them. Thus, there can be no immediate, reciprocal interchange of comments between the teams.

Selection of Winner(s) 

Debate ”Winners” will be selected in two ways, as follows:

Audience Vote: Class members in the audience will vote by secret ballot for a debate winner. Votes are to be based upon presentation quality only.





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